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Your tactical skill and strategic wit are required to save the realm of Luna from the forces of corruption!

  • AvaAttack Type

    A flintlock rifle-toting bounty hunter of noble birth, Ava is highly skilled in tracking and eliminating targets of all kinds, whether they’re beast or man.

    (Active) Magnum Shot: Targets an enemy with the lowest Defense to deliver one massive attack.

    (Active) Ready to Snipe: Increases the Critical Damage of all Allies

    (Passive) Neutralize Defense: Deals an attack that cuts through enemies’ Defense.

  • CiaraAttack Type

    Ciara is a royal knight of the Derin kingdom. Her philosophical balance of right and wrong and objective pragmatism on the battlefield has made her an ideal candidate to lead the next generation of knights.

    (Active) Impact Swing: Delivers repeated blows to an enemy.

    (Active) Whirlwind: A spinning attack that damages a row of enemies multiple times.

    (Passive) Neutralize Defense: She deals an attack that cuts through enemy Defense.

  • ValkeraDefense Type

    One of the finest paladins in the Derin Kingdom, Valkera wields righteous justice with her warhammer while deflecting the most vicious attacks with her divine shield. After her defeat at the hands of Erega, she’s eager to redeem herself.

    (Active) Holy Shield: Creates a cross-shaped barrier on all allies.

    (Active) Heavenly Cross: Smashes a strong downwards ray of light to damage all enemies.

    (Passive) Status Resist Aura: Gives all Allies an Abnormal Status Resist boost.

  • LailaBalance Type

    Having spent much of her life living as an ascetic under the tutelage of the Derin kingdom’s finest martial artists, Laila has honed her entire body into a living weapon, shunning traditional blades and spears entirely.

    (Active) Smoke Bomb: Delivers a kick that deals massive damage to an enemy.

    (Active) Dragon Fist: Devastates all enemies with a wave-like dragon force.

    (Passive) Find Weakness: Laila enters battle with a Critical Rate boost.

  • SharonSupport Type

    A Battle Minstrel, Sharon is one of the Derin kingdom’s most powerful warriors. Using her magical lute and extraordinary singing, she boosts squad morale, resisting ailments and even bringing fallen allies back to life.

    (Active) Disarmament: Damages all enemies while decreasing their Attack and Critical Damage.

    (Active) Song of Life: She revives all fallen allies.

    (Passive) Status Resist: Gets a boost to Abnormal Status Resistance.

  • RohanAttack Type

    A hyperactive youngster, Rohan possesses exceptional agility and skill with his twin daggers. Some of his fellow warriors find his personality abrasive and irritating, but at the end of the day his abilities earn the respect of all.

    (Active) Screw Attack: Delivers a massive attack to one enemy with a chance to Poison.

    (Active) Six Blows: He lands quick multiple blows on an enemy.

    (Passive) Critical Aura: His presence in battle gives all Allies a Critical Rate boost.

  • RafaelDefense Type

    A mountain man who has spent much of his life surviving in the forest, Rafael has reluctantly joined forces with the knights of Derin to restore sanity to his once peaceful home.

    (Active) Fatal Throw: He throws an axe that damages and lowers the Defense of enemies in a line.

    (Active) No Mercy: He deals many quick attacks onto one enemy with a chance to Terrorize.

    (Passive) Toughness: He enters battle with a Defense boost.

  • LionaBalance Type

    Aloof and proud, Liona is the Derin kingdom’s champion duelist, capable of felling opponents with pinpoint strikes. She’s not afraid at all to let foreigners and the ignorant know of her impressive reputation.

    (Active) Epee Noir: She strikes and enemy and lowers its Defense.

    (Active) Drobement: She increases the Attack and Defense of allies within two rows.

    (Passive) Swiftness: She enters battle with an Evasion boost.

  • LilcyBalance Type

    A girl born in the northern province of Cadiz El, Lilcy, along with her twin sister Lily, was gifted with the spirit of the Demon wolf Fenris. Despite her terrifying powers, she has a non-confrontational nature, which conflicted with Hunter’s gung-ho attitude during her service in the Derin Kingdom.

    (Active) Eye of Fenris: She increases the Critical Damage of her allies.

    (Active) Help me Fenris: With the aid of Fenris, she damages all enemies and lowers their Defense.

    (Passive) Terror Attack: Her normal attacks have a chance of Terrorizing.

  • HunterAttack Type

    Once Erega’s best friend, Hunter’s strong sense of right and wrong pushed him down the path of a knight, which he acclimated very well to. When Erega turned to darkness to one-up his friend, Hunter felt partially responsible and took it upon himself to find his former brother and put him down.

    (Active) Moon Slash: With one big slash, he deals damage to two rows of enemies.

    (Active) Blast Shock: He delivers a flurry of stabs to an enemy.

    (Passive) Frenzy: His damage increases when his HP is low.

  • YubinAttack Type

    A close friend of Hunter and Erega, Yubin’s spunky attitude and skill honed her into a confident and expert markswoman in servitude to the Derin Kingdom alongside Hunter. Erega, whose lack of ability made him fall behind, grew jealous at Hunter and Yubin and turned to dark powers to level the playing field.

    (Active) Rain of Arrow: She rains down arrows on all enemies.

    (Active) Wind Force: She shoots a flurry of arrows in quick succession at an enemy.

    (Passive) Swiftness: She enters battle with an Evasion boost.

  • FloraSupport Type

    The Royal Knights of Derin have their own friends and acquaintances, but they all love Priestess Flora, and for good reason. As one of the kingdom’s best healers, Flora has kept her fellow knights in fighting form for much of her career, but after the defeat of her fellow knights at Erega’s hands, she is eager to redeem herself.

    (Active) Battlefront Heal: She recovers the HP of allies in a row.

    (Active) Healing Dust: She recovers the HP of her allies in a cross shaped range.

    (Passive) Boost Recovery: She gets more HP when affected by recovery.

  • EregaAttack Type

    Once a shy young boy, Erega grew jealous as he watched his best friends Hunter and Yubin excel in their training while he failed at his own. Fed up, he ate the town’s forbidden fruit and became a powerful sorcerer consumed by pure evil. He now seeks to use his dark influence to corrupt the entire realm of Luna.

    (Active) Meteor Night: He rains down meteors, damaging enemies with a chance to Burn.

    (Active) Dark Curtains: He raises dark energy from the ground up to damage his enemies.

    (Passive) Rampage: The death of each enemy boosts his attacks.

  • ThallDefense Type

    A devout servant of Erega, Thall leads his band of orcs on a murderous rampage throughout the city of Clairhenna with a mission to steal its holy relics.

    (Active) Heavy Hit: He smashes down an enemy, causing damage with a chance to Stun.

    (Active) Holding Fast: He gives a big Defense boost to all Allies.

    (Passive) Devotion Aura: His presence in battle gives all his Allies a Defense boost.

  • UbannaAttack Type

    A highly trained battle master, Ubanna serves the forces of corruption as Erega’s personal bodyguard. She awaits the knights of Sella deep within the Temple of Death.

    (Active) Captain’s Roar: Her roar inspires her Allies to increase their attack.

    (Active) No Mercy: She deals one massive damaging slash on an enemy.

    (Passive) Fortify: She enters battle with an Attack boost.

  • EchidnaBalance Type

    Half beautiful maiden and half serpent, Echidna has consumed many hopeless adventurers who were foolish enough to fall for her hypnotic allure. Drawn to figures who radiate strength and malevolence, she now allies herself with Erega on his unholy quest.

    (Active) Wind Blade: She summons a big gust of wind to attack enemies in a straight line.

    (Active) Silent Earth: She shakes the ground beneath her enemies’ feet to damage and silence them.

    (Passive) Rebirth: Resurrects herself with a portion of HP regenerated.

  • Grid System
  • Battle Interface
  • Ally Growth
  • Item Creation

Personalize your squad’s battle formation to counter the enemy’s strategy!

You decide exactly where each of your allies are positioned. Gain critical bonuses when you achieve intersecting rows!

Choose between upgradeable Offense, Defense and Balanced Combat Styles for powerful squad bonuses!

You are master and commander of the battle. You have total control of when your allies unleash their skills!

Your allies’ skills affect different portions of the enemy grid; make your tactical choices wisely!

Prefer to trust your allies’ judgement? Choose from three flavors of Auto-Battle!

Don’t just level up your allies! Enhance them further by fusing them to other allies!

Combine two fully leveled and enhanced Allies of matching Star Levels to get a new Ally of a superior quality!

Enhance your allies closer to godliness by using Ally Evolvers to upgrade their Star levels!

Increase an Ally’s Max Level by merging two identical Allies together.

Fancy a tanker with healing powers? Craft Skill Books to empower an Ally with new abilities of your choice

Strengthen your gear by fusing it to other equipment!

Strengthen your gear by fusing it to other equipment!

Push your toughest gear over the limit by using Equipment Gems to increase their Star Level!